• Kripton
    We can prepare Voting Forms in few minutes,
    for the online election
    that thousands of people will participate.

    Everybody can watch voting results realtime
    CEO / Surveys and Election Solutions Inc. 
  • Kripton
    I don’t have a website,
    however I can get
    delivery orders online.
    My customers just read the
    QR Code on the menu leaflet.
    Owner / Home Made Cakes
  • Kripton
    I don’t waste time when building Forms
    of web sites
    that I create for my clients.
    Webmaster / Quick Web Pages Ltd. 
  • Kripton
    We can easily set or change procedures
    for assignments, checks, requests and approvals.
    Chief Operations Officer 
  • QR Code
  • Creating Web Site Forms


    Software developers spend a lot of time for web site forms like Contact Us, Job Application Form etc. and even for making small changes on them later. Cost of applications that make records in database and start a business process when a web form is filled in are very high.